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My husband and I were looking for something new for our new apartment. He's got a lot of opinions when it comes to beds, and we all nknow what we think about those. I'm also a large guy so we need something to support us. Thankfully we found Diamond Transformation.
This mattress if just firm enough for my 210lb frame. I don't sink into it al all and can move rather easily which is not typically the case with memory foam toppers. A full memory foam mattress is wonderful.
I saw a few reviews that said to give yourself a few nights to get used to it but my boyfriend and I loved it right away! It's so comfortable and has kept me much cooler than our regular mattress this summer. Awesome value for the price! I live in Alaska and I absolutely appreciate that Intention even ships up here, nevertheless does it for free.
More expensive than I thought it was going to be after sleeping on one but now that I have my own it is so worth it. No more hip pain waking me up in the middle of the night. Minimal back pain in the morning compared to not being able to move freely upon rising. Wish it came with the bottom without having to purchase separately,
I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud with this mattress. I tried it at my sister's house and though I slept for about 5 hours, I woke up feeling so AWAKE without the use of coffee. I then bought my own Grateful mattress, the quality of sleep is so worth it!
Couldn't figure out why and how the mattress got into the rectangular shipping box. Opened it carefully and saw it was wrapped up tighter than a desert taquito until I unwound the packing material. laid it flat and--presto--it starting expanding like the "fireworms" we'd set on fire on 4th of July. I was very skeptical as to how it could harden up to a be a firm, comfortable mattress. Before long new sheets were on it and I gave it a test--45 minutes worth--as I wound up in a deep sleep!!! Back problems from my old mattress gone!!
Looked at a purple thing, other foam mattresses, regular, hybrids, BUT read up on this , took a chance on what the claim was and never looked back. Best mattress I've ever owned. Does Not get hot and very comfortable (for me). wake up and back not nearly as sore as when I sleep on the other style. At 69 yrs. old I wish this was around 30 years ago. To each their own but give them a try if you're looking.

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